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Connect, optimize, track, synchronize & control your production activities


Plan office and plant activities to manage deadlines, workload and keep everyone informed


Introducing artificial intelligence for the woodworking industry!

Meet MAESTRO, the PLANNING Assistant from WEB-CAB, a game-changing tool designed specifically for the woodworking industry. This web-based project planning tool is your answer to managing every step of your production process, from office activities to installation.

In an era where labor shortages are a global issue, MAESTRO steps in to ease the burden on Production Managers. It’s not just a tool, it’s a revolutionary solution that uses artificial intelligence to mimic the decision-making process of production managers.

With MAESTRO, we’re not just offering a tool, we’re offering a partner that understands your needs and works with you to achieve your goals. Experience the future of woodworking with MAESTRO.


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