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How to fill the labor gap without sacrificing quality or your bottom line

How to fill the labor gap without sacrificing quality or your bottom line It’s often considered an oxymoron to say automation and craftsmanship in the same sentence. But imagine running your shop without your CNC or your CAD/CAM engineering software? It would be nearly impossible to find skilled workers without those tools to facilitate their…
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How an MES could bring your plant to the next level

What is an MES A manufacturing execution system – or MES – is a production floor information system that connects, monitors and controls manufacturing operations on the factory floor. Using data from automated equipment, and individual production data entered by workers at each production cell, the main goal of an MES is effective execution of the…
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ERP vs MES : which one provides a fastest ROI?

Labor shortages are plaguing Canada’s wood products manufacturers. The lack of workers is cited as the number one concern by business managers. More than 462,000 job vacancies were recently reported at Statistics Canada, up 19%, including thousands of unfilled jobs at cabinetry, furniture and millwork plants.  In British Columbia, one in every twenty-five jobs is…
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Are you wasting the hidden potential of your CAD-CAM

Today’s sophisticated CAD/CAM design and production applications drive automated equipment with seamless precision. They can also provide near-photographic quality renderings of projects before the first board is cut. But most shops miss out on an even greater capability, one that is hiding in plain sight: CAD/CAM files can help stoke efficiency throughout the plant, by…
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Discover how Production Assistant can bring your shop to the next level

There is more and more talk about Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), but concretely, what does it bring to your manufacturing process? Join us on September 16th at 3:00 p.m. to learn how Production Assistant has allowed Richard & Lévesque to :    We look forward to having you with us!  REGISTER HERE!

Profit equals throughput costs

Profit Equals Throughput Minus Costs

Recently a friend sent me a link to a blog post from a software company.  In it, the relationship between throughput and profit was very logically presented. The essential conclusion was expressed in the formula: Who could disagree?  If it’s that simple, then why can’t we just improve throughput to make more money? Investments in…
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Manage your operations

Manage your operations wherever you are! | Event May 12, 2021

Join us on May 12 at 1:00 pm to learn how to effectively plan and manage your operations, from order taking to installation. This webcast will provide you with best practices to ensure you are always in control of your production to meet your goals and delivery deadlines.

Training a Skilled Workforce - worker in a furniture factory

Training a Skilled Workforce

Small businesses are particularly challenged hiring, training, and retaining productive employees. This has always been a problem, which has been made worse by the current virus restrictions. First, a few questions: Small companies typically lack training programs, instead relying on existing workers to train new ones.  Your best workers have accumulated what is referred to…
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Simplify the management of your WEB-CAB products with the new web portal!

An online platform giving you the power to manage your software. + Get the number of active, available and expired licenses + Get the latest license connections  + View your available software options  + Relocate your licenses to a new computer  + Access videos and other resources to help you  + Get the renewal date and remaining days  + Access the Zendesk…
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WEB-CAB - Virtual factory tour

Virtual Factory Tour Event | February 25, 2021

Due to the popularity of the Virtual Factory Tour event last November, we are organizing another one for you! Tired of searching for parts everywhere? Loosing track of your project? Delivering wrong cabinets to your customer? Our expert will show you how you can optimize existing data, track parts, synchronize each department, control production and eliminate shipping errors in a shop like yours. Save the…
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