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PRODUCTION Assistant is a tool dedicated to the Woodworking Industry built on thorough experience, collaboration and passion for the industry.

PRODUCTION assistant, woodworking industry software - web-cab
  • Production Automation: PRODUCTION Assistant automates your production process, eliminating mistakes and allowing you to increase productivity and quality.
PRODUCTION assistant, woodworking industry software - web-cab
  • Reduces production costs: PRODUCTION Assistant streamlines production processes, reducing downtime and improving resources utilization.
PRODUCTION assistant, woodworking industry software - web-cab
  • Real-Time Monitoring: PRODUCTION Assistant provides real-time data on production processes, helping to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies.
PRODUCTION assistant, woodworking industry software - web-cab
  • Increases flexibility: PRODUCTION Assistant supports customized production runs and small batch sizes more efficiently.
PRODUCTION assistant, woodworking industry software - web-cab
  • No data entry – Leverages data from your existing tools: PRODUCTION Assistant imports Engineering Data sent to your machinery, intelligently itemizing all products and parts, providing you with powerful information on your production.

’Watch this webinar for a full introduction to PRODUCTION Assistant. (53:00 mins)

’Discover the future of factory automation with an overview of PRODUCTION Assistant (19:00 mins)

’Discover the future of manufacturing automation with this in-depth introduction to PRODUCTION Assistant (60:00 mins)

What is PRODUCTION Assistant? (2:00 mins)

PRODUCTION Assistant - a manufacturing execution system (MES) that allows you to:

Connect your various production tools together - Optimize your production flow - Track projects and parts status in real time - Synchronize your production activities - Control and increase quality of your products - production assistant - woodworking industry

Multiply the power of your CAD|CAM while seamlessly synchronizing data with your ERP and other manufacturing tools

MES - PRODUCTION Assistant - woodworking software - WEB-CAB

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