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Mois : November 2022

Inscrivez-vous à notre webinaire du 30 novembre pour tout connaitre sur notre assistant PRODUCTION.

Join us for our webinar on December 1st at 10:00AM Melbourne Australia Time and simultaneously November 30th at 6:00PM Eastern Time. Jonathan Saucier CTO, WEB-CAB and Leigh Swalling, Automation consultant,…
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WEB-CAB remporte le prix MercadOr 2022 Laurentides International dans la catégorie Diversification de marché

WEB-CAB, a Mirabel-based company that develops innovative software solutions for the cabinetmaking and furniture manufacturing industries, is incredibly proud to announce that it has won the MercadOr 2022 Laurentides International…
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Le mythe du dirigeant superhéros.

The MENTAL HEALTH OF BUSINESS EXECUTIVES…. A taboo subject… It’s time to break the myth Business leaders are (wrongly) often labeled as superheroes. They are viewed as people in perfect…
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