How an MES could bring your plant to the next level

What is an MES

A manufacturing execution system – or MES – is a production floor information system that connects, monitors and controls manufacturing operations on the factory floor. Using data from automated equipment, and individual production data entered by workers at each production cell, the main goal of an MES is effective execution of the manufacturing operations, and improving output rates.

An MES tracks and gathers accurate, real-time data about a complete cabinet project, right down to the individual component level. It oversees and coordinates workflow beginning with orders released to the floor by sales. It connects manual and automated production workcells across the production floor, managing all the way the way through packing and delivery of the finished kitchen cabinetry.

The MES can track data about the history of a project, production speed rates, traceability, material management and work in progress (WIP) and other plant activities as they occur. This data, in turn, allows decision-makers to understand the current settings of the factory floor and better optimize the production process.

An MES is the functional layer that falls in between the CAD/CAM design and manufacturing systems at each work cell – and the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, which oversees the entire business. It links to production process control on the factory floor. It gives you real-time workflow visibility, flexibility and insight into how best to improve enterprise-wide manufacturing operations.

What kinds of things can an MES do in a cabinet plant?

It can manage cabinet model designs/component parts definitions, updating when they are modified or retired. It can call for parts inventory replenishment, order execution and dispatch, production analysis and downtime management for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), Product Quality, or materials track and trace. An MES creates the “as-built” record, capturing the data, processes and outcomes of the manufacturing process.

Production Assistant – An MES designed for the woodworking industry

Web-Cab, Inc. is the developer of the Production Assistant, an MES that automatically imports Engineering Data sent to your machinery, intelligently itemizing all Work Orders and providing powerful information on production. Production Assistant provides information that will help you understand how conditions and processes in the factory can be optimized to improve production output and quality. Production Assistant works in real time to give decisions maker the control of all elements of the production process such as machinery, personnel, assembly and performance.

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