software update WEB-CAB

New software version – V2016

SALES Assistant:

  • A new feature allows the creation of different models with project contractor.
  • A new feature allows you to manage different revisions of a project submission.
  • Service calls are now managed in the Sales assistant.
  • A breakthrough was made for customers with a distributor network. Communication “2-way” is functional.
  • A new recipe elements search tool (colors and door models) is now available.
  • Sharing document with the Planning Assistant (calendar) and Production assistant (WEB-CAB Management) is now possible via Drop Box.
  • It is possible to suggest a particular accessory for a box.

PLANNING Assistant:

  • The calendar configuration windows are now aggregated and available by clicking on System / Calendar.
  • A new feature is available whether the steps have been completed within the prescribed time limit or not.
  • The number of sheets is now automatically calculated in the calendar to plan the cutting station.
  • Service calls are now visible in the Schedule assistant.


  • Users can now view documents shared via Drop Box category map (previously available by PDF file).

By:WEB-CAB Admin