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Software Update – January 2015


  • Loading speed command list
  • Interface Translation
  • Recipe Multiplier can now go up to 99.99
  • Various fixes the general workings


  • It is now possible to link the false doors to cabinets or accessories. For connection to the boxes, there are two options to be applied doors (PA) or integrated doors (PI), the operation of these two boxes can be configured in the preferences. PA deducted the width of the door of a dimension data (Ex .: 3/8) and PI adds a percentage to the price of the door (Ex .: 10%). Option 45 °, for that it reduces the height of the door of the value of the kick. Liaison with accessories is purely informative.
  • False doors (Tab # 4 of a transaction) are now configurable for CFAO. People with this option can now configure the information required by group prompts for the doors. The software currently only allows the direction of penturage sends a false door.
  • Three new fields are now available when creating a transaction. Technician and Installer are configurable and allows to choose the production technician and installer to be on site. The field Installation Date allows you to enter the scheduled installation date.

By:WEB-CAB Admin