update web-cab software



  • Speed optimization of the Accessories section of a quote/order.
  • 20/20 importation now support blind corner cabinets.
  • Management of toe kick’s heights, see the video.
  • Various fixes.

Quotes section:

  • Open Shelves management is now available in the configuration of doors, in the cabinets configuration, with the checkbox “Open Shelve”­. Watch the video to see how to configure it.
  • The column “Project number” is now present in the transaction list.
  • A new drop-down menu is available in the configuration of accessories : “Type of purchase.” This new element is used to identify the accessories that are factory-cut “to cut”, to buy “purchase” and those that are held in stock “Inventory”.
  • Added a shortcut for marketing pages of manufacturers. Under the Help menu, “Marketing Page”.
  • Special and Additional discount can now be allowed depending of the user configuration. Simply toggle the check box in the configuration of users in system / Security / Users.
  • Default Shipping values is now possible. Go to System / Settings / Preferences, under the General tab and fill the following options : fixed fee, the radius, the overcharge and round-trip or not.
  • Added a search filter in the list of transactions “Installation”, according to the installation date entered in quotes or orders.
  • It is now possible to associate a dummy door with an accessory and link it as “Door Applied” or “Integrated Gate” with the same principle as the cabinets.

Planning section:

  • It is now possible to manually add activities in the calendar.
  • Added a search button.
  • Priority management of projects by giving them an hour and a particular time in the day.
  • It is now possible to measure the performance with a number of sheets.
  • The project’s number is now a part of the events’ title.
  • The view “Production” is now available. Same pattern of “Delivery” and “Installation”.
  • It is now possible to add days to finish.

By:WEB-CAB Admin