MYTECHMAG elevates WEB-CAB’s COO Veronique Plessis Belair among 2022’s Top 10 Pioneering Women in Tech

WEB-CAB is honored that Veronique Plessis Belair, COO, was named among 2022’s Top 10 Pioneering Women in Tech by MYTECHMAG, a growing digital outlet of informative and digitally oriented content connecting readers with industry trends. This award recognizes the leadership and accomplishments of women in the information technology market.

Since joining WEB-CAB in 2018, Mrs. Plessis Belair has infused the team with an entrepreneurial spirit, empathy, and determination. She has always been among the youngest, not to mention one of the only female voices around the boardroom table. Veronique is always ready to throw herself into the ring in a male-dominated world. She holds a bachelor’s degree from HEC Montreal Business School.

“Veronique is always three steps ahead; she makes things happen and inspires her team to do the same,” mentions Mr. Jonathan Saucier, WEB-CAB’s CTO and co-founder. “She is an exceptional leader, coach, and mentor to all of us at WEB-CAB. Her determination proves that every problem has a solution,” adds Mr. Saucier.

Under the leadership of Veronique, WEB-CAB has evolved into a customer-centric culture. This shift is pivotal for the cabinet-making furniture manufacturing industries that are just starting to adopt new technologies. Today, more than 60% of new features developed by WEB-CAB are directly driven by customer requirements.

“Having the customer at the heart of everything we do has enabled us to demonstrate our value to the market since they instantly identify and quickly reap the benefits from adopting our technology.” Says Mrs. Veronique Plessis Belair, COO at WEB-CAB. “We are grateful that, thanks to this new approach, the team received multiple prestigious awards in 2018 and 2019,” concludes Mrs. Plessis Belair.

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