wear less hats with the PRODUCTION Assistant

Wear less hats with the perfect production assistant!

Whether you’re a shop owner, production supervisor or shop manager, our bet is that you’ve been wearing too many hats for far too long and waste too much time putting out fires.  You’re only human after all and trying to do too much often results in doing less well. Same holds true for your workforce.

  • Are your managers and key employees often diverted from their work to answer questions?
  • How much time is spent looking for missing / misplaced parts?
  • What recurring mistakes and human errors result from miscommunication or lack of product knowledge?
  • How often are workers running to the front office looking for information and answers?

These are just of some of the reasons cabinet makers are turning to digital solutions and automation software. You’ve already invested in CAD/CAM engineering software and understand the value it brings to your business and ultimately the results for your clients. Some of you are even running your business with some type of ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. So, the next logical step is to maximize these investments and bring incredible time and cost efficiencies to the production line.

Fortunately, an MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) like PRODUCTION Assistant connects with all your existing systems to streamline information and processes resulting in big-time improvements. The immediate results in reducing stress and workloads, and increasing productivity, are more than significant. Moreover, modern solutions are flexible, allowing you to implement only the modules you need at specific work cells where they’ll drive the most value, and ramp up as needed.

Production Managers shared that adopting Production Assistant software considerably reduced their stress level and some of their daily frustrations.

With real-time visibility into every phase of a project, managers are able to put down their fireman’s hat and use their time being proactive rather than reactive. Employees also have access to the right information/plan/drawing they need at the right time, eliminating guesswork and interruptions. And with the ability to reprioritize tasks and projects based on real-time status, everyone can maximize productivity and get in a great day’s work.

Companies are experiencing a 50% reduction in Assembly time with less experienced workers

Spend far less time training and hiring new employees, trading in your HR hat, and spending your valuable time focussed on delivering the best products to your clients, on time and on budget. And getting a better night’s sleep! PRODUCTION Assistant has proven time and again that technology empowers people to do more, better. Your key employees can focus on jobs requiring more experience or specific skills, and upskill other personnel in the shop to produce like a pro. In hours, not days or weeks.

The ROI of better communication in the factory, with suppliers, and with clients

The right technology puts people first. Building trusting relationships is a key differentiator in a highly competitive industry with lower profit margins. In the shop, the assurances of accurate and easily accessible real-time data minimizes miscommunications, building up trust within the team. This leads to a much happier workplace environment, less turnaround, and a reduced burden on HR. The ripple effect on the business is huge, whereby instead of refusing work due to low capacity, you can pick up the slack and leave competitors in the dust.

There’s also the ability to reduce the burden of things that are out of your control. When things don’t run as planned with suppliers, the ability to be agile and adapt accordingly, re-prioritizing workloads, and ensuring clients are kept up to date on the status of their orders, drive tremendous value.

  • 91% of companies using Product Assistant have seen a significant productivity increase following implementation.
  • 98% of shipments were completed on time.
  • 82% reduction in unnecessary communication & handling between departments

The more hats you hold on to, the less nimble and responsive your business will be

Hesitation about investing in new technology at times like this is understandable, but really, you’re investing in your people and the future of your business. Can you afford not to? Imagine not having a CNC? It may have been a large investment back in the day, but it pays large dividends now not only in throughput but also in scheduling, profit, retention, and recruitment of employees. With advancements in technology, especially a modular solution like PRODUCTION Assistant, you can immediately focus on the areas that need your attention most, implement in only a couple days, and see ROI in as early as 3 months.

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